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Selling Sex in the 21st Century: Empowerment? Escorts In Their Own Words – JaZzyMaE Media

Selling Sex in the 21st Century: Empowerment? Escorts In Their Own Words

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Selling Sex in the 21st Century is a spicy, potentially controversial book that offers a compassionate view on the topic and compelling conversations with “providers” and “hobbyists” in their own words.

I enjoyed collaborating with the author James Tugend and was touched by his comments:

James Tugend

“Having never self-published before, Laurie Lamson was a Godsend.  She was enthusiastic, and explained all the steps I would go through.  She edited my book brilliantly, not only proofing it, but suggesting large changes like switching the order of chapters in a way that made the book a page-turner, and suggesting alternative phrasing throughout, which I could accept or not with a click. I’d been a professional writer for prestigious magazines and other media for years, but she knows proper grammar better than I do.

“She helped design the physical book, giving me many options, and everyone agrees it looks great, is an eye-grabber for my target readers, and is perfect for the subject matter.  Then, using the latest software, she built a beautiful, full-featured website, including graphics.

“Preparing for publication is very technical. The book looks like it was put out by a major publisher with a great designer.  The typefaces and page setups were well-chosen, along with all the other details.  Then she suggested who and how to market the book, which is just comng out and I hope it stands up to its presentation.”