Laurie Lamson

Laurie is a passionate writer, filmmaker and creative collaborator.

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She completed two screenplays for Prodigy Entertainment: a page-one rewrite of modern noir thriller Sleeping With The Lion, and a dramatized adaptation of Don’t Shoot, I’m The Guitar Man by Buzzy Martin. Don’t Shoot is completing the casting phase.

She also performed two screenwriting projects on assignment for Greenstem Productions, and co-wrote a comedy screenplay Way Off Broadway with producer Gary Shusett (currently in development with Sunset Pictures.) She is co-producing her own psychological mystery Off-Stage Fright with actress Alessia Bonacci (see



As a filmmaker she wrote, produced and directed a short feminine comedy, Family Values in the Goddess Years that went to several festivals and aired on Propeller TV for 2 years. She directed and edited an award-winning reggae music video, Demo Delgado’s “Live and Learn”, which reached #3 on Tempo Networks’ chart (the MTV of the Caribbean).  Laurie also directed, co-wrote and co-produced an ambitious short romance about love through lifetimes: Eternal Waltz.

The video of her first script for the City of L.A. was nominated for an Emmy. Many of the subsequent videos made from her educational and corporate scripts won the Telly, the Aegis, the Golden Cine Eagle and more.  She completed a series of interactive assignments for the National Museum of the U.S. Army, scheduled to open in 2017: WWII Soldiers’ Stories (three in Europe, three in the Pacific); Army Combat Team (twelve D-Day soldier stories and seven D-Day topic scripts), Revolutionary War Soldier Stories and Revolutionary War Battles.


Laurie is dedicated to helping and inspiring other writers. She is the co-editor of the popular writing exercise anthologies Now Write! Screenwriting, Now Write! Mysteries, and sole editor of the new Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, all published by Tarcher/Penguin (see She has been the telecon host for International Screenwriters’ Association for over 2-1/2 years.

One of Laurie’s personal missions as a writer is to share stories of women in history from a present-day vantage point that offers a more complete and accurate view, free of the filter of past-time prejudices.

To that end she has written her own spec re-visioning of the Lizzie Borden story, an epic about an Empress of ancient Rome, and a comedy/drama about the invention of the brassiere in 1923 (ABC… D). She recently adapted 3 historical novels by Jeane Slone into a TV pilot, War Gals: Unsung American Heroines of WWII.

Her empowering book for girls is Witch Littles: Magic In The Garden.