Creative Freedom

[intro]Welcome to the workshop resource page for Creative Freedom 01/11. I’ll be adding downloads and links relevant to each meeting. Thanks for participating! -Laurie Lamson[/intro]

Download Handout for First Meeting (1/9/11)

Download Handout for Second Meeting (1/16/11)

Download Self-Questionnaire to help you get started on Homework: Write A Personal Manifesto

Article: Seeking Approval From Others Leads to Poor Self Esteem

Laurie’s Article: Cultivating Authenticity

Download Handout for Third Meeting (1/23/11)

Check out Elizabeth Gilbert’s Talk on Nurturing Creativity and Genius

Energy Healing FAQ

If you’re interested in learning about my brother’s innovative CD I mentioned, here’s more info. It can be purchased at CD Baby.

Download Handout for 4th Meeting (1/30/11)

Miranda July’s Website of Creative Exercise Prompts: Learning To Love You More

Soul Connect Valentine specials for February.

Soul Connect one-on-one Soul Medicine Energy Healing – 15% discount for all Creative Freedom participants.


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