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Screenplay & Short Script

As the author of the book Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man I’m humbled and moved to happy tears to read the riveting screenplay by Laurie Lamson that will bring the words from my book to life…” –Buzzy Martin, author/musician/child advocate

You just amaze me on how you are able to get it on the page. You are very easy to collaborate with; your keen sense of honesty and quick wit pours through in your writing. -Ray Robinson, Producer/Principal, Prodigy Entertainment, Inc.
Laurie has the ability to turn the mundane into poetry, she is a true artisan of her craft. Her beautiful writing style and sensibilities have been a huge asset to every project that we have collaborated on …! -Eric Jackson, Director, Showreel, Inc.
Laurie is a very talented writer and a pleasure to work with. She understands production and is very creative to boot. -Jeffrey Severtson, Producer/Director, Fatbox Productions

It has been a great joy working with you over the last nine months. …You have an extreme gift to give in your words and imagination. -Julia Stemock, Producer/Principal, Greenstem Productions, Inc.
I highly recommend Laurie to anyone looking for a professional screenwriter to either adapt a story, collaborate with others and/or tighten content. She is an amazing artist and an even more amazing person. I could go on, but my recommendation is that you give her a call immediately and discover this for yourself. -Jolé Morton, former Executive Assistant, Disney Interactive Studios (Human Resources Dept.)


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The instant I met Laurie I knew she was the right person to write and direct my epic short film Eternal Waltz. What I didn’t know was what a dynamo producer, editor and all-around filmmaker she is. She has guided our project from start to finish with creative solution-minded focus. My film would not exist without her involvement. Hire her. Pay her a lot. She is worth it. – Cindy Marinangel, Actress, Partner in Angel Baker Productions
Laurie is an excellent director. She’s awesome. Everyone comments how clean and nice it looks.  I enjoy working with Laurie and she will definitely do the next a video. It’s a must. Demo Delgado, reggae artist/music producer, Marwan Records
Laurie created a beautiful mini-documentary for our company that was artistic, emotional, and informative. She shared our passion and vision, collaborating throughout the process from inception to completion. – J. Michelle Newman, formerly CEO of Join The Dot, LLC

I worked closely with Laurie Lamson while scoring the music for Family Values In The Goddess Years… I found her mastery of technical issues combined with her open, wildly creative artistic sense to be positively inspiring. Allan Phillips, Emmy-Winning Composer & Music Producer
I had a chance to work with Laurie on several projects. Her ability to write, produce, direct and shoot are just few things what she is capable to do in entertainment business. 
I’d recommend Laurie for any job/position in entertainment industry because she is true professional. -

Pedja Radenkovic, 
From the beginning I was struck by her talent, enthusiasm, determination and organizational skills. -Ying Ying Wu, award-winning documentary producer
Laurie is never at a loss for thoughtful, original ideas… -Ton Vriens, Vriens Intl. Productions

Laurie Lamson is a talented, patient, insightful and caring director under whose leadership the cast thrived, including even the animals we were working with. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious… -Julia Sommer, Julia in Lomita Ghosts {and Witch Littles illustrator}

Copywriting & Editing

Having never self-published before, Laurie Lamson was a Godsend.  She was enthusiastic, and explained all the steps I would go through.  She edited my book brilliantly, not only proofing it, but suggesting large changes like switching the order of chapters in a way that made the book a page-turner, and suggesting alternative phrasing throughout, which I could accept or not with a click. I’d been a professional writer for prestigious magazines and other media for years, but she knows proper grammar better than I do. – James Tugend, Author, Selling Sex in the 21st Century


Laurie was great to work with: highly insightful, very resourceful and extremely creative. She generates great ideas and has the ability to implement them. – Sherry Ellis, co-Editor, Now Write! Screenwriting
Laurie is an excellent editor and a pleasure to do business with. Supportive and completely professional. – Colleen McGuiness (30 Rock writer and contributor to Now Write! Screenwriting)
Laurie has one of the most natural writing voices that I have ever read…. She is a unique talent that I can trust with any writing assignment and recommend her to any business looking for that special voice, whether its ad copy, book editing or online content. -Rex Freiberger, CEO, Highly Relevant Media
Laurie developed my food blog, based on my wishes and dreams.  She made my dream come true!Liz the Chef

Laurie believed in me and my book and made it come to life. I couldn’t have done this without her. – Ricky Bledsoe, Author, Penis Envy