Laurie Lamson

The soul of an artist combined with the reliability of a seasoned professional.  

“Laurie has the ability to turn the mundane into poetry, she is a true artisan of her craft. Her beautiful writing style and sensibilities have been a huge asset to every project that we have collaborated on.”

-Eric Jackson, Director, Shot Glass Films

A big-picture creative thinker with a strong ability to collaborate and manage details for a variety of projects and mediums.

Laurie consistently delivers on time and on budget.

Top skills:

• Extensive professional experience consulting, editing, and proofreading copy for a wide range of clients.

• Research, write, polish text for any subject matter.

• Revise and tighten sentences for increased clarity and readability.  Intuitive sense of grammar.

• Filmmaking background provides deep understanding of writing for the screen, from PSAs and short educational scripts to feature screenplays.

• Creative adaptation of book to screen.

• Solution-oriented and learn from every experience.

Passion for empowering the creativity of others.

• Edited three writing exercise anthology books in the acclaimed  Now Write! series.

• Designed and taught two Creative Writing for Entrepreneurs workshops, hosted by Launch San Antonio.

• Hosted and moderated telecons for International Screenwriters’ Association for four years.

• Developed and taught creative writing workshops for at-risk teen girls through Free Arts for Abused Children.

Laurie with Danny Glover at the 2017 Pan African Film Festival