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Corporate & Educational Scriptwriting – JaZzyMaE Media

Corporate & Educational Scriptwriting

Effective corporate ID, promotional, educational and training scripts for corporate and civic clients.  Many of the videos made from these scripts won awards, and more importantly, achieved client communication goals with both style and substance.

• writing with humanity & wit for any subject matter • creative collaboration • production savvy • on time & on budget 

Army SHARP series

series of 39 video and radio spots for the U.S. Army

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WWII Soldier Stories

Army Combat Team (D-Day)

Revolutionary War Soldier Stories

Revolutionary War Battles

interactive scripts for the U.S. Army

Care For Our Planet

2-1/2-min. environmental education script for
Levi Strauss & Co
Video won a Telly Award and Cine Golden Eagle Award

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SoCal, So Easy

30-sec. commercial and two 7-min. promo scripts
for Ontario International Airport

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“Everyone has been very impressed and has spoken very highly of the DVD.  I think this makes them really proud to be associated with Cal Water. You did an amazing job, and you were all terrific to work with.”
– Yvonne Kingman, Communications Specialist, California Water Service

Providing Life’s Key Ingredient

4-min. corporate identity piece for California Water Service

Video won Platinum Ava Award and Marcom Award

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A Day Without Public Works

10-min. humorous educational script for City of L.A.

Video screened for U.S. Congress, nominated for Emmy Award, won Houston Award, Videographer Award

Act Now

4-min. cause marketing video for Apria Healthcare

Video won Telly Award & Hermes Creative Award

Metro ADA Accessibility

series of videos for LA Metro

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Freedom To Travel

7-min. educational scripts for Gold Coast Transit

(3 vers. for target audiences; also wrote support brochure and trainer’s booklet)

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Wheels Up, Palmdale

5-min. promotional piece for Los Angeles World Airports

Video won Telly Award and achieved client goal of securing airline commitment.

Palmdale: Let’s Fly

3-min. image piece for Los Angeles World Airports

Video achieved goal of acquiring airline commitment.

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Living The Dream

5-min. promo script w/song lyrics for City of Rancho Cucamonga Video won Telly Award, Communicator Award, Aurora Award, Marcom Award, 3CMA Savvy and Silver Circle Awards

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 We Work For The Dept. Of Public Works

8-min. in-house motivation script for the City of L.A.

Video won Questar Award

Moving Forward

8-min. motivational piece for Depuy

Video won Aegis Award.

Airport Security

20-min. training script for San Francisco Intl. Airport

Children With Asthma

90-min. script for childcare educational DVD for California Dept. of Health Services


Set Ontario Free

30-second PR commercial for Ontario International Airport

What Good Looks Like

10-min. in-house training video for Fresh & Easy

Mobility Plus

8-min. in-house image/motivation for Techtrans