Three Audio Writing Samples by Laurie Lamson

Muriel  – EXCERPT short audio drama


Muriel walks up to the Sea Still and pauses to read a poster.

MURIEL:        ‘Lingerie Models Tonight.’  …great.

She finally opens the door.


Muriel enters and is greeted by the SOUNDS of noisy men in the bar (enjoying music and lingerie models.)

MURIEL:        Just great.

She makes her way to the bar.

JACKIE:         You don’t look good at all.  Have a 7-Up before you start.

MURIEL:        You have time?  I gotta pull myself together for a minute.

JACKIE:         Big night?

MURIEL:        Big bottle.  Jeez, it stinks to high hell in here.

JACKIE:         Tell me about it.

MURIEL:        I keep telling myself, this is only temporary.

JACKIE:         Personally, I can’t see how being under a car is any better than this.

MURIEL:        Are you kidding?  I love that garage smell.  Scorched rubber, gasoline engines, oil.  It drowns out the smell of people.  Sure beats this stench.

JACKIE:         At least you still have a dream.  But what about a man?

MURIEL:        What, like him?

BROWNIE:    (yells at lingerie model) Baby-Baby-Yeah!

JACKIE:         Not exactly what I had in mind. 

MURIEL:        Did ya notice how these guys never give up? 

JACKIE:         How do you mean?

MURIEL:        No matter how flabby, dirty, drunk or any other way they let themselves go, they still think they’re entitled to women worshipping at their feet. 

JACKIE:         Yeah. I’ve done that dance!  More times than I can count.

MURIEL:        Me too.  But why do we always feel like we have to fit their ideal?  Or at least be able to force ourselves into lingerie like that? 

JACKIE:         Ha ha.  Yep.

MURIEL:        I just wanna be appreciated for myself.  But apparently that’s asking too much from a man.

JACKIE:         In this world.

MURIEL:        So you see why I gave up on the whole subject.  Now I just want to fix their cars.

Jackie gives a wry laugh.

Soul Connect Radio  – EXCERPT Episode 6

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It’s time to connect with more of your inner wisdom.  It’s time to connect with more of your authentic power.  It’s time to connect with the power of unconditional love.  It’s time for Soul Connect!


This is Soul Connect and I’m your host, Laurie Lamson.  I’m here to share insights, information, techniques and music to help connect you with your own soul. 

Do you ever feel good without needing a reason?  That’s what soul connection feels like.  That is our natural birthright.  ‘Feeling good for no reason’ comes from connecting to our life force energy and allowing it to flow.  That is when you feel in tune with your soul.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of external and internal pressures and distractions that can make us feel disconnected.  I’m pretty sure you could give me a list right now of what makes you feel bad.

Do you also have a list of what makes you feel good, what lightens your spirit and lifts you up?  I hope so.  As a matter of fact, I recommend writing up this list, and keep adding to it. You might even want to leave copies of your list in different places, where you can stumble upon it once in awhile.

When we’re in that disconnected state – grumpy, annoyed, hurt, lost, anxious, feeling sorry for ourselves… sometimes we just need to wallow for while.   That’s okay.   But how quickly do you bounce back? 

When we’re down, we tend to get a kind of amnesia about how to feel good again, or just don’t know how to feel good regardless of outside circumstances.

That’s why having a list of your own personal ‘pick-me-ups’ can be a lifesaver when you decide you want to feel better, but sort of forgot how.  Having a variety of choices is useful, because let’s say, walking on the beach might really help one day, but it just makes you feel more lonely another day, or annoyed if there’s no beach nearby – so it’s nice to have a few other things to try.

Willingness is the number one and really the only requirement for miraculous healing and positive change to start taking place.  Not willpower, willingness.  I may not feel worthy, I may not feel safe, I may not know how to help myself, but I’m at least willing to be helped.  That willingness alone opens the door for small and large miracles.

I’m going to share a technique or two on how to help yourself feel better when you need it. So you can start to become your own energy healer.

First, if you feel bad for whatever reason: See if you can let go of, or at least challenge the idea that someone else is responsible for what you’re feeling.  Even if it seems true, holding that perspective causes helplessness and leads to emotional overwhelm.   Recognize that you are the interpreter, the seer, the decision-maker, the chooser.   Or at least that it’s possible for you to be the interpreter of your experience, the chooser and decision maker.

Often we ruminate and obsess on, “Why?  Why me?  Why did they do that?  Why is this happening to me?“ 

The more helpful, useful question, the one that leads to healing and helpful input from your soul would be, “What is the good that can come from this experience?  What is the positive lesson I can gain from this feeling or experience?  How does this help prepare me for the future I would most like to have?  What is the good that can come from this experience?”  You may not get an answer right away, so just ask this question to your deepest essential self and be alert for answers to come in surprising ways.

TITLE: Retaliation (Radio)


SOLDIER 1 (Male)

Everyone expected me to get the assignment.



Reprisal is taking or threatening negative personnel actions against an individual for reporting a criminal offense.



It was like I didn’t exist in my own unit.



Ostracism is prohibited and can be punishable in some circumstances. 



I don’t feel safe in my own squad anymore.



Threatening a team member’s personal safety is a criminal offense.

Victims who experience retaliation may contact Special Victim’s Counsel or a Victim Advocate for assistance.





Sexual Assault.

Sexual Harassment.

Not in our Army.



Army SHARP asks you to Intervene…Act…and Motivate.

Be Army Strong.