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Marwan’s Juicy Patties: (former) website copy excerpt, photos 

What is a Jamaican Patty?

The Jamaican patty is a baked crust filled with delicious goodness – whether chicken, beef, fish, or vegetarian. Patties are an everyday street food for most Jamaicans – it’s an easy, affordable, satisfying meal. 

Many cultures have their version of a stuffed bread or pastry: the empanada of Spain and Latin America, the Italian calzone, the British and Australian pasty, the Indian samosa, the Greek spanakopita, and the American Hot Pocket®.

Americans are always on the go and often looking for a tasty alternative, so the Jamaican patty is a natural fit with the modern lifestyle. You can enjoy a warm patty with a salad for lunch, bring a dozen to add spice to a potluck dinner, surprise and satisfy guests at a Super Bowl party, or just pop one or two in a toaster oven to bring with you when you’re hungry and in a hurry.  The Jamaican patty will never let you down.


Lawrence Ray Concepts: newsletter excerpt

Healthy Hair Training & Certification

 Lawrence Ray Parker II has 20 years of experience as a healthy hair advocate and educator. That’s how he got the inspiration for the LRC Mega Bounce and Body Natural and Organic Haircare System™.

Ray truly believes that Health = Wealth.  He is passionate about empowering and inspiring his fellow and sister stylists and salon owners.

To support his distributors, Ray has poured his knowledge as a multicultural hair expert and positive-minded ethical businessman into a unique healthy hair training and certification program.

In this program, you will become a more versatile stylist as you gain a big picture on the industry, and learn how to work with a broader range of clientele.

Kal Kreations: excerpts from PR & Sales letter

Egyptian Bottle

This hand-blown bottle is a unique work of art reproduced from an ancient Egyptian design. Each one-of-a-kind bottle was handcrafted in the Khan el-Khalili souk, near old Cairo, and decorated in vibrant colors with 24-karat gold. In 1500 BC, the original bottles were used to hold the tears of women when their men went off to war. Later they held essential oils and perfumes, a tradition that continues to this day. 

Sunshine Buddies

Dear Retailer,

Imagine a toy that makes everyone smile.  The perfect baby gift that’s not just for babies.  Sunshine Buddies make everyone feel good!

Sunshine Buddies start rocking when exposed to sun or electric light – no batteries necessary.  Their cute smiles and relaxing swaying motion make them a guaranteed people-pleaser. 

In cases of 24, a stack of cute Sunshine Buddies spreads a whole lot of good vibes because, as long as store lights are on, they’ll sway side to side all day, making anyone who walks by feel all warm and fuzzy. 


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