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JaZzyMaE Media is seeking ALREADY PRODUCED WORK/S for a scripted audio compilation, to include our own short audio comedy/drama, Muriel.

Seeking completed audio play/podcast (recorded and edited with actors or speakers and sound effects), short story reading, or short film that fits the specs provided below.

Please be sure you have release forms from talent. Music must be licensed or royalty free.

Regarding short film submission: if your film has enough dialogue to convey the story, you can output and submit the soundtrack alone. (You may wish to edit down long montages, or add some narration for your story to make sense in audio-only format.)

– Concept/Storyline/Theme: female empowerment and/or romantic relations (ie. shifting gender roles, battle of the sexes, or…)

– Genres: comedy, drama, suspense, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, historical, or a combo. Documentary/nonfiction is also fine if it fits the specs.

– Length: 8-16 minutes

– Format:

High quality WAV file


44.1 kHz sample rate

16 bit

Agreement: Simple, non-exclusive license.

Compensation: 85% of royalties (if there are any)to participants.

Submit: please send link or audio file for review and consideration by April 30 to: info @



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