Trout’s Honor – original screenplay

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Trout’s Honor is a coming-of-age ecological comedy/drama (with some magic realism) by Laurie Lamson

In a small Northern California town where the men hunt, fish and hang out in titty bars, an idealistic Nature boy needs to prove himself, especially to his emotionally-absent father.  He is determined to win a competitive Fish and Wildlife internship.

A summer trout hatchery job could give him both the edge he needs and the male mentorship he craves. But when he develops compassion for the trout in his care, he grows disillusioned with old school views on both women and Nature. With the help of the hatchery owner’s rebellious daughter, he learns that feelings don’t make you less of a man, they make you more of a human.  

You can honor women, Nature, the feminine principle… and still be a man.

“You are an incredible writer. Your writing is interesting, realistic, and relatable. I would love to work on your projects, especially Trout’s Honor, because I like Nature and the theme of the story.”
– Omair Habib, Actor and Wildlife Control Technician