JaZzyMaE Media helps bring education, promo, and entertainment projects to life.

JaZzyMaE Media provides writing, creative consulting, and design services for education, entertainment and promotional content.

JaZzyMaE Media collaborates with production companies, ad agencies, multimedia event producers, and their corporate and government clientele.

JaZzyMaE Media also supports small businesses, entrepreneurs, and authors.

Led by a multi-award-winning American writer and short-form filmmaker, JaZzyMaE Media was founded in 1999 in San Francisco and currently operates in Oceanside, California.

The "Jazz" in JaZzyMaE

  • Wealth of experience
  • Humane and humorous outlook
  • High professional standards
  • Commitment to win-win-win outcomes
  • Experience working with sensitive/controversial subject matter
  • Project management skills
  • Talented creative professional network

Founder: Laurie Lamson


Expertise of a professional, enthusiasm of a beginner, soul of an artist.

Laurie puts her art, heart and soul into every endeavor. 

She has written 115 produced film, video and audio scripts for education, entertainment and marketing projects, ranging from commercials, animation explainers and corporate videos to a multi-award-winning feature film. Many client videos earned honors such as an Emmy nomination, Aegis, Telly, Communicator, and CINE Golden Eagle awards.

Laurie’s understanding of writing for the screen – with its emphasis on economical, visual, emotionally-engaging storytelling – has been a powerful asset for other types of writing.

Her track record includes serving Fortune 500 companies, City, State and Federal agencies as well as small businesses.

Big-picture vision and an eye for detail.

As an idea person, Laurie develops concepts for scripts and screenplays.

As a wordsmith with book editing experience, she has an intuitive grasp of grammar, she polishes text for maximum clarity and shine.

As a self-motivated, empathetic team leader, Laurie excels at shepherding diverse projects from conception to completion.

Go-to for dramatic narrative storytelling.

Fostering effective storytelling isn’t just a job for Laurie, it’s a way of life. 

She hones her storytelling skills on her own female-forward, inclusive screenplays, and as a friend and mentor to fellow writers and their projects. (If you’re a writer, check out NowWrite.net.)

With Danny Glover at Pan African Film Festival

Filmmaking background.

Laurie’s career began when she earned a BFA in Film Production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she stood out as one of the few women in the program at the time – a milestone that proved her tenacity and ability to break barriers.

She has written, directed and produced (or co-wrote/co-produced) internationally well-received short films and music videos. She also wrote, produced, directed and edited three short “audio movies” in the Anti-Heroine podcast series.

Laurie freelanced as a production coordinator and script supervisor before working full-time at video companies where she oversaw projects for VH-1, Clairol, Bank of America, The Gap and the Myst Riven game.

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