ANTI-HEROINE is JaZzyMaE Media’s groundbreaking new audio anthology/podcast series that offers a fresh take on the anti-hero archetype.

This eclectic mix of short comedy, drama, horror, and hybrid-genre “audio movies” have one common feature: the lead characters are all women, each with a bold or unconventional approach to life.

Sorry, not sorry – these ladies aren’t always lady-like. Anti-Heroine is dedicated to an exploration of female experiences and points of view – good, bad and ugly… amusing, dangerous and transcendent – and rarely seen in the media. 

Available Episodes/Stories/"Audio Movies"

Anti-Heroine title only

Anti-Heroine Intro

Introduction to Anti-Heroine, Season 1 – a new audio anthology/podcast series from JaZzyMaE Media. JaZzyMaE Media’s brand-new…

Anti-Heroine Ep. 2: Muriel

 A late middle-aged bartender dreams of becoming an auto mechanic, while a poetic barfly secretly dreams…


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Contributors are multi-faceted writers and content creators: 

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