Anti-Heroine Ep. 5: Winter Fall

Winter Fall is a satirical comedy/drama short story, written in response to a movie about elderly “charming rascals” that had a distinctly misogynistic tone… and inspired Laurie to tell the story from one of the wive’s point of view.
The Anti-Heroine is often just trying to save herself or those she cares about from an unfair situation or system, rather than a traditional Heroine trying to save the world. This wife character is so downtrodden, the tiny stand she finally takes for herself qualifies her for “Anti-Heroine” status.
Written, Edited, Directed by LAURIE LAMSON

Co-Directed & Recorded by DAVID SAWICKI


  • Housewife/Narrator   LISA SAWICKI
  • Joe/Joe’s Attorney   DAVID SAWICKI
  • Judge  JOHN FANTASIA (see also: Ep. 2: Muriel)

David Sawicki’s LinkedIn.

Lisa Sawicki’s LinkedIn.

John Fantasia’s website – he’s also co-lead in Anti-Heroine Ep. 2: Muriel.

Painting is “The Pretty Housewife” by Amadeo Modigliani.

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