U.S. Army SHARP: Education & Awareness Campaign

JaZzyMaE Media was honored to be subcontracted for this highly sensitive and important project – a series of 40 video and radio Public Service Announcements about sexual harassment and assault.

After a five-hour kick-off meeting with stakeholders in Washington D.C. Laurie worked with Shot Glass Films director Eric Jackson to come up with three different approaches for each piece.

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WARNING: Contains disturbing adult content. 

Completing each script to the approval of several departments, including legal, was no simple task!

Scriptwriter Laurie Lamson’s mother was a clinical psychologist who co-founded one of the first sex clinics in the country and later specialized in child abuse cases.

So Laurie has the ability to gracefully handle topics some writers would find too controversial, uncomfortable, or overwhelming.

SHARP - Not in our Army

Laurie had written several Army projects, including a series of interactive scripts for the Museum of the U.S. Army, and was uniquely qualified for this project, knowing it was for a greater good.

“I applaud the Army for acknowledging the painful issue and seeking ways to address it and ensure the safety and well-being of our armed forces.” – Laurie Lamson

Additional writing projects for the Army include a series of interactive educational programs for the National Museum of the U.S. Army.