USAID: Primary Healthcare Awareness Campaign

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Wrote playbook, two social media toolkits, and helped write/edit a series of social media posts and pictograms for OneWorld Communications.

Playbook excerpt

Social Media Toolkit excerpt

Ensuring access to primary healthcare is the first step to building strong families, stable communities, and productive nations.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is proud to work with you – together we have made significant progress towards strengthening primary health care systems and producing positive outcomes with vulnerable populations. …

This is a real opportunity to push for greater access to primary healthcare in your region. We ask you to support and actively participate in this social media campaign so we can accelerate our progress together.

Sample Social Media Posts

Local empowerment is a path to #HealthForAll. @USAIDGH helped Monjuara protect the health of her children, improve family finances & become a community leader: she ensures pregnant women in her village get regular check-ups, find proper nutrition & take medicine.



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