Bay Area FasTrak: Toll Tag Project

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Welcome to FasTrak!

We know that if you drive a clean air vehicle (CAV), you deserve special treatment.

There are many benefits to having a FasTrak account and some are reserved only for CAV drivers. 

With an active account, your FasTrak toll tag helps you to:

Save time:

  • Drive without stopping to pay tolls at bridges.
  • Use Bay Area Express Lanes.
  • Bypass pay booths at San Francisco International Airport parking garages.

Save money:

  • Travel for free or get a discount as a CAV driver on toll bridges and express lanes.
  • Get a bigger discount at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Enjoy convenience:

  • Pay electronically. No cash needed.
  • Use it at any FasTrak location in the State of California.


As a CAV driver, you deserve to save time and money.

Benefits to clean air vehicle (CAV) drivers with a standard FasTrak Flex toll tag or CAV Class FasTrak Flex toll tag:


Bay Area Bridges

As a CAV driver, receiver even bigger discounts than a standard FasTrak customer.


How to get a FasTrak toll tag for your Clean Air Vehicle (CAV)

If you already have a Flex toll tag for your eligible CAV, and will not be using the SR-237 Express Lanes as a solo CAV driver, you do not need the CAV Class FasTrak Flex toll tag.

If you plan to use SR-237 Express Lanes as a solo CAV driver, you will need the new CAV Class FasTrak Flex toll tag.  Even with an existing FasTrak account, you will need to show proof of your current CAV decal certificate.

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