The Fine Art of Art Collecting

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The Fine Art of Art Collecting is a series of interactive, multi-dimensional classes masterminded by art critic, consultant, and the famed (former) host of KCRW-FM’s Art Talk: Edward Goldman.

Art has always held fascination for people of all ages and backgrounds. But to the uninitiated, art collecting and living with art have long held a rarefied mystique.

The art scene has changed – new artists, new ways to exhibit, and a whole new breed of collectors. As collecting has become more democratic, individuals can now acquire art on a limited income. A lot of this revolution is happening right here in Los Angeles!

The Fine Art of Art Collecting is for anyone who loves art or just wants to learn more about it. It’s for individuals who already collect, and those interested in learning how to start.

“Madame Pompadour” by Amedeo Modigliani

Adventures for Art Lovers

Every few months, Edward provides twenty students with a series of Saturday morning art adventures to explore “backstage” of the contemporary Los Angeles art scene. 

Along the way, the nuts and bolts of art collecting are explored, such as how to begin art collecting, how to negotiate a favorable deal with a gallery, how to place artwork in your home and the “care and feeding” of an art collection.

No book can begin to offer the experience provided by The Fine Art of Art Collecting – up close, informal conversations with museum curators, gallery owners, artists, and private collectors, all guided by a passionate and knowledgeable expert who has devoted his life to getting people excited about art.

Edward Goldman

Check out Laurie’s interview with Edward on Spotify: Art is My Religion.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Goldman was on KCRW-FM with his weekly Art Talk program for over 30 years, and as a guest host for The Politics of Culture.  As a professional art collecting consultant and public speaker, he remains a popular figure on the local and international contemporary art scene.