Offstage Secrets – original screenplay

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Psychological mystery drama screenplay and stage play
by Laurie Lamson

In the early 1960s, celebrities were able to keep the scandals of their private lives hidden. Offstage Secrets is a psychological suspense drama that peels back the layers on two of the “beautiful people” who seem to have it all. But, their drive to the spotlight was fueled by painful secrets.

In a manufactured celebrity romance, a singer from Italy is paired with a popular American actor. They develop a real connection, but when he suddenly falls to his death, the public turns against her. As she is desperate to solve the mystery of his suicide – partly to save her own career – she uncovers his secret life and realizes they experienced a similar childhood trauma: sexual abuse. He did not survive it – will she?

2021 Diverse Voices Competition Semi-Finalist – feedback excerpts

“…we think the story is going to be about a talented Italian singer who wants to be an actress and she goes to Hollywood to become that actress, but the story turns around in another direction and becomes a story about two children who were sexually abused by the people they trusted. This turn of the real story is compelling, disturbing, poignant, and visceral – we experience so many thoughts and feelings at the same time…”

 “The dialogue is excellent…”

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