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Copywriting & Copy Editing – JaZzyMaE Media

Copywriting & Copy Editing

Writing and/or copy editing for clarity and style – helping clients share their stories effectively.

• versatile voice • distilled research/content • strong brand message

One World Communications

Copy writing for product descriptions, packaging
booklet, playbook, social media toolkits and posts several projects


Lawrence Ray Concepts

Revised and added to existing material to create various marketing pieces
& business communications.

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Freedom to Travel

Freedom To Travel

Wrote brochure and trainer’s booklet to support 7-min. educational scripts for Gold Coast Transit.

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Art Critic & Consultant: Edward Goldman

Helped write Art Talk radio program,
art consulting 
proposals and reports (two years);
interview published by Absolute Arts.
Podcast interview “Art Is My Religion.”

“Laurie is an excellent editor and a pleasure to do business with. Supportive and completely professional.” – Colleen McGuinness (Friends From College and 30 Rock series writer and contributor to Now Write! Screenwriting)

Pianist and Conductor: Adam Benz

Copy-editing for English-version bio


Filmmaker: Jeff Piccinini

Interview published by Independent Film Quarterly