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Rastafari Guide I – JaZzyMaE Media

Rastafari Guide I

micro-budget commercial for reggae album

September 25, 2017

Continuing the collaboration with reggae artist Demo Delgado, JaZzyMaE Media put together a no-budget video ad for his various artists album, Rastafari Guide I.

We planned to hire a reggae DJ for the voice-over, but he wasn’t available.  So Demo provided the voice himself and his resonant baritone really conveyed his passion for the artists he selected to be on the album.

Rastafari Guide I from Demo’s Marwan Records is dedicated to highlighting upcoming artists and musicians on the reggae scene:

  • “Not For Sale” exclusive reggae single by X-Factor star Denise Weeks.

  • “Get Up and Fight” by Mr. SupriZe.

  • “America, America” by upcoming dancehall artist Talio.

  • “Girl I left Behind” from reggae legend Tony Chin.

  • “Since You’re Here” and “When You Cry” by Stephon Anthony.

  • “Home Alone” by Chappa Jan.

  • “Only A Prayer” by Ilano, featuring Ras Charmer.

Rastafari Guide I is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

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Rastafari Guide I