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SoCal, So Easy – Ontario International Airport – JaZzyMaE Media

SoCal, So Easy – Ontario International Airport

commercial script

Showreel, Inc. was a woman-owned production company I worked with for many years as a scriptwriter, collaborating with the owner, Lynne Jackson, and the company’s main director, Eric Jackson.

When Lynne was ready to retire a few years ago, Showreel was taken over by an impressive young producer, Jessica Ristic, and renamed Shot Glass Films.

I’ve continued to work with Shot Glass on a number of educational and promo projects, including a series of 40 video and audio spots for the U.S. Army SHARP program (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention.)

More recently, I was contracted to write two 7-minute promo videos for Ontario International Airport (one for airlines, one for consumers) and this 30-second commercial spot.