Witch Littles: Magic In The Garden

book for girls

What if little girls could make magic in their own backyards?

Sample AMAZON.COM Review by R.L. Schmitt:

“This charming story of girls and their magic in the garden is a delightful read for children and adults alike. It is a complex tale of fantasy combined with family ties and struggles. Young readers will finish the book and run into their own gardens, real or fantasy, and want to create their own special magic!”

To help their grumpy mother, Two sisters invent ‘do-it-yourself’ magic and discover we could all use a little encouragement to grow and blossom, just like the plants in their mother’s garden.

I originally conceived of Witch Littles as a short film featuring the daughters of several friends. When the production fell through, she adapted the script into a story to appeal to little witches of all ages.

intention+beliefI call it magic realism rather than fantasy, because the story addresses true-to-life family challenges, like arguing parents and sibling rivalry. It’s sort of a children’s intro to the “law of attraction.”  The most magical, often overlooked ingredient being love.

After enlisting my goddaughter, Lilly Warren, and friend/colleague, Julia Sommer, the team bustled to create unique illustrations that you won’t find in your traditional children’s book.

The concept was a homemade book designed to seem as if the two main characters might have put it together themselves. The end result was a labor of love, with hand-attached covers each personalized by Laurie and Julia who donned them with glitter and tied with twine.

The final paperback version has been well-received by little girls who have taken to their backyards with a heartfelt appreciation for the characters and their DIY attitude.  We are honored that the highly selective children’s librarians at Long Beach Public Library accepted Witch Littles into the children’s library.

As a way of extending my intention with the story, JaZzyMaE Media will donate 10% of net proceeds to Write Girl, a charitable organization dedicated to empowering girls through mentorship and self-expression. After all, the underlying goal of the story is to inspire girls to use their imaginations to ‘do it themselves’, and become mistresses of their own destiny.

$14.99 includes shipping.  Ask to have your copy signed by the author with a special message.

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