"You just amaze me on how you are able to get it on the page. You are very easy to collaborate with; your keen sense of honesty and quick wit pours through in your writing. You're the best-kept secret in Hollywood!"
Ray Robinson
Producer/Principal, Prodigy Entertainment, Inc.

Tell your story clearly, concisely, creatively...
and inclusively.

JaZzyMaE Media helps bring entertainment, education & promo projects to life. 

Looking to captivate audiences with compelling narratives?

Breathe life into your brand?

Embark on a creative journey of your own?

Together we can accomplish great things -and tell great stories!

Begin tapping our expertise, unique perspective, and visionary approach by scheduling a free Spark Session with Laurie Lamson.


empowering communications for over 20 years


film/video projects earned multiple accolades


creative collaboration, on-time delivery

Film, Video & Audio Scripts

Film, Video & Audio
Scripts Produced

Film, video and audio productions of Laurie’s scripts have attracted an Emmy-nomination, dozens of awards and international acclaim. More importantly, they achieved or exceeded communication goals!

  • entertainment
  • education & awareness campaigns
  • commercial ads & corporate promos
  • interactive museum exhibits

production savvy • on time & on budget

"Laurie is a very talented writer and a pleasure to work with. She understands production and is very creative to boot."
Jeffrey Severtson
Producer/Director, Fatbox Productions

Visual, emotionally engaging stories.

Levi's: "Care For Our Planet" environmental video
U.S. Army: education/awareness campaign
Feature Film
Prodigy Entertainment: Guitar Man feature film

Copy, Editing & Proofreading

Written communication is a requirement for any business.

Whether you need to translate complex material into accurate, user-friendly content, tighten website copy, or make company bios more consistent, we help content shine.

versatile voice • clear & concise

  • websites
  • ads
  • press releases
  • infographics
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • training manuals
  • "Laurie's wide-ranging professional experience allowed her to quickly and effectively hop into a broad set of asks and tasks - and deliver the goods in short order."
    James Kern
    Founder & Chief Experience Officer, XISM

    A little polish helps your story shine.

    LRC Healthy Haircare
    and other copywriting excerpts
    BayArea FasTrak
    webpage, toll tag, support materials
    USAID Primary Healthcare Playbook cover_Page_01
    USAID Awareness Campaign
    playbook, social media toolkits, posts

    Brand Strategy & Business Story

    There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what branding actually is.

    A deep-dive consultation/strategy session helps entrepreneurs and small business owners like you hone in on brand category, what clients expect, and how to talk about what they do with clarity and confidence. It also helps you fine-tune products, services, and pricing.

    insight • encouragement

    In-House Projects

    Original Screenplays
    Scripted Audio Anthology
    Short Films

    JaZzyMaE Media Founder: Laurie Lamson

    Laurie is a creative writer and creative catalyst with a remarkable track record.

    She has written 112 produced film, video and audio scripts for education, entertainment and marketing projects – many earned multiple honors.

    Her understanding of writing for the screen, with its emphasis on economical, visual, emotionally-engaging storytelling, is a powerful asset for many types of writing and editing. 

    She hones her craft by developing original, female-forward screenplays.

    Collaborating on various projects is not just a job for Laurie; it’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and bring her whole soul to each endeavor. By combining artistic creativity with professional integrity, she goes far beyond mere on-time and on-budget delivery.

    Production companies, ad agencies, government organizations and businesses that seek pros who can deliver high-quality work, benefit from Laurie’s wealth of experience and talent network, humane and humorous outlook, commitment to high standards and win-win-win outcomes.

    Her career began when she earned her BFA in Film Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she stood out as one of the few women in the program at the time – a significant milestone that proved her tenacity and ability to break barriers.

    I love CREATING together

    Laurie has a genuine passion for empowering creativity.

    She co-edited two Now Write! anthologies with her aunt, Sherry Ellis (who created the series) and went on to produce Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror on her own.

    She also provides fellow writers with honest and compassionate book and screenplay consulting.

    Skills you can trust

    "Laurie is an amazing writer with loads of experience and creative skill. She always recognizes the essential elements that are needed to make any project a success. I highly recommend her."
    John Heaney
    Award-winning Video Producer, Founder, Media Stream, Inc.
    "Laurie has a brilliant sense of people and the current media and entertainment culture we live in. She is incredibly articulate and accurate in her ideas and direction. I highly recommend working with her and her company."
    Lisa Sawicki
    Co-Director, Youth Under Construction and Young Pop educational/music programs; Life Coach
    "... Her beautiful writing style and sensibilities have been a huge asset to every project that we have collaborated on."
    Eric Jackson
    Director, Shot Glass Films

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